I am a Registered Psychotherapist, who holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D) in psychology. I have been trained in EMDR therapy to work with complex trauma, PTSD, and dissociative disorders.

I have completed additional, specialized training in family therapy. I have extensive clinical work facilitating life coaching and stress management workshops.


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How to self-soothe/ self-regulate?

Life is full of stressors and other triggers that make us feel stressed, unsafe, uncomfortable in our bodies, or overwhelmed by emotions that we find them too much or too intense. If we have experienced some type of trauma at any point of life, this can impact our mind, body, emotions, thoughts, perception, experiences and reactions. Sense of safety is another factor that is highly impacted by experiencing trauma.

Feeling safe, regulated and calm is crucial in our healing journey. It is important to feel safe and calm in our body because according to Dr. Peter Levine, body is the container of all our sensations and feelings. When we can feel our body as the container, then the emotions and sensations do not feel as overwhelming; they are being contained.

In this video from NICABM, Dr. Peter Levine walks us through some easy and simple but very effective body oriented techniques to feel calm, safe and regulated. Remember, not that all techniques work for everyone. We need to try different strategies in order to come up with the ones that work for us.


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